Who We Are

We are writers. We can write anything if you pay us.

What we like to write best is playful, wacky and unconventional female-skewed comedy and drama for television, radio and the theatre but we like to mix it up:

It could be copy for your website or digital marketing campaign, jokes for your pilot entertainment series for YouTube, a speech for your little brother’s bar mitzvah, a political oration, a love letter to someone you are afraid of, a difficult email regarding the division of items of sentimental value following the death of a much-loved aunt or a note for the milkman. You name it; we pen it.

Our clients and collaborators include – BBC Studios, Citrus Television, NerdTV, Antenna, Secret Productions, Yellow Door Productions, Wired Video, Graveytrain Productions, Jazz Services, Graveytrain Films, Copenhagen Interpretation, Hand Drawn Films.

Cara and Sophie’s comedy drama HENDRIX AND HANDEL  is an Urban Myth for Sky Arts being shown in 2020. The show is directed by Justin Chadwick (‘Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom’, ‘Bleak House’), produced by Lucy Lumsden at Yellow Door (‘Cockfields’), and stars David Haig as Handel.

Previous projects are their Raindance Discovery Award nominated pilot THE LITTLEST BOHO, and scripts with Sam Ward and Gareth Edwards at BBC Studios and Caroline Norris at Citrus Television.

A story of love on the Northern line…

The pair met back in 2011 at a week-long course for writers and improvisers run by Improbable during which they completely blanked each other.

One year later at a spin off workshop in Clapham they were forced to communicate as they were the only people there. They realised Sophie had come to see Cara’s Edinburgh knock out hit comedy show ‘Millie and Tillie Do You!’ in 2004 – a mutual friend Jemma had been performing in it. Sophie was in awe. Cara recalled that Jemma had described Sophie as embarrassingly serious and earnest about acting. In fact, she had done an impersonation of Sophie acting, which Cara now knows to be very accurate. Also, they found they lived only a few roads away from each other. So more for geographical convenience, (and because Cara was being polite) and because of their shared contacts in the Queens Park Jewish community, they stopped going to Clapham, and arranged to meet at the cafe on Hampstead Heath.

That day, lightning flashed and heaven was witness to the half-Jewish union. Yes people, we’re talking about uncanny creative fire and true love. Since then they have had a truck load of fun collaborating on a range of mostly comic works. They use true stories from their lives as inspiration for almost everything they do, whether it’s in the context of the here and now, or in another time and space. Almost nothing is off limits in what they’ll share with each other and dare to weave into their work. They seek to find unusual ways of telling a story, catching characters in their most private and awkward moments. Their dialogue is nuanced, and unusual. Its vibrancy comes from their attentive, detailed listening, their keen ear for linguistic idiosyncrasies, power play between people, and their commitment to creating rounded, interesting characters. Both have strong musical backgrounds, which often feeds into their material.

Having trained in improvisation, Sophie has worked as an actor for years, including productions at The National Theatre, and Northern Stage, as well as several TV shows and films. She is performing at The Globe this Christmas with Sandi Toksvig. Sophie regularly volunteers for Scene and Heard, a mentoring charity which works with children from Somers Town, empowering them to write their own plays and have them put on by theatre professionals.

Cara has a background as a writer, director and actor, having performed in live shows and films, as well as taking her own work to Edinburgh and being a Funny Women finalist. She also develops her practice through teaching acting and drama skills to ex- offenders and adults in the community. Her first audio comedy-drama series HOW TO BURN A MILLION QUID was broadcast on 6Music and BBC Sounds which she wrote with Sean Grundy and she has recently written FLAMINGOS her first feature film script.

They are excited about developing their many ideas. They have so much work to do!

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