Who We Are

We are writers. We can write anything if you pay us.

What we like to write best is playful, wacky and unconventional female-skewed comedy and drama for television, radio and the theatre but we’re up for any sort of writing work.

It could be copy for your website or digital marketing campaign, jokes for your pilot entertainment series for YouTube, a speech for your little brother’s bar mitzvah, a political oration, a love letter to someone you are afraid of, a difficult email regarding the division of items of sentimental value following the death of a much-loved aunt or a note for the milkman. You name it; we pen it.

Our clients and collaborators include – BBC Studios, Citrus Television, NerdTV, Antenna, Secret Productions, Yellow Door Productions, Wired Video, Graveytrain Productions, Jazz Services, Graveytrain Films, Copenhagen Interpretation, Hand Drawn Films.




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